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Welcome to the world of Gifted Kids in Uganda

Kids from the Acting Class 2019 bow after a show

It is Acting Saturday every Saturday at Platos Institute. Kids aged 5 years to 13 years come together for with coaches in Acting for Theatre and Film, Dance, Public Speaking,  Creative Writing to explore and improve their abilities, talents and explore possibilities.

During Holiday’s, the Kids then come together to create a production for the Theatre that is premiered and family and friends invited to enjoy the entertainment.

Benefits of Acting Classes

Acting Classes are very beneficial to children but many parents are skeptical about what their kids can benefit. We share ideas on how acting classes will benefit your child or children.

  1. It allows you to support your child’s dream. As a good parent, if your son or daughter finds something that truly makes him or her happy, you are blessed. I suspect you would do everything you could to make them happy. You would support them joining the Boy Scouts, tumbling, tennis, music, baseball, academics. Right? Acting is just another activity that they love doing.
  2. It builds confidence. We have enrolled children whose parents said they could barely speak in front of an audience only to finish the training with speaking scholarships.  The acting classes will make you son or daughter able to stand up and speak for that they believe in anytime without fear or favour.
  3. It gives your child something that makes them feel special. Everybody needs something that makes them feel special! Also, children and teens who are busy with something they love will be less inclined to hang out looking for something to do with their friends and get into trouble.
  4. It builds a strong work ethic. When kids work in theater or film, they work long, hard hours.
  5. It teaches them social skills. As actors, your child will work with all ages and kinds of people, and have a huge variety of life experiences.
  6. It makes weird mean something good. Often kids who love the arts are considered plain weird, but acting is a world that celebrates being weird and different.
  7. It encourages the spirit of community. Theater especially teaches kids the strength of working with others to create something together, teaching teamwork.
  8. It teaches patience and commitment. Kids learn that, through patience and perseverance, they will produce something wonderful. They learn that if they keep going, failure will eventually lead to success.
  9. It builds respect. Working in teams and with individual assignments like cleaning the theatre, looking after costume, helping others get their lines, kids will learn to respect others and hard work.
  10. It teaches presentation skills. Acting skills come in handy for book reports, science projects, interviews for college and jobs, work presentations, and leadership abilities.
  11. It encourages thinking “outside of the box.” Creativity will help in any job or problem-solving situation for the rest of their lives.
  12. It builds compassion. When your child creates a character, he must step into another person’s mind and understand why they do what they do. This can make your child much more understanding of others.

Meat the Coaches


Name: Nalubowa Rebecca
Profession: Actor
Education: B.A Drama & Film (Acting)


Name: Kato Lauben
Profession: Actor
Education: B.A Drama & Film (Acting)

joana mbabazi dance choreographer

Name: Joana Mbabazi
Profession: Dancer
Education: B.A Dance (Choreography & Performance)

Arthur Kisenyi_Artistic_Director

Name: Arthur Kisenyi
Profession: Director
Education: B.A Drama & Film (Directing)

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