Branding simplified

Does your brand have a position in your customers’ minds? Is your brand distinct and identifiable from that of your competitors? Is your brand authentic and customer satisfactory? Is your brand consistent in the graphics? Is your brand promise deliverable to the customers? All these are questions in the minds of the customers before they set out to the market to buy a particular brand.

According to a Nielson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. The truth is branding doesn’t happen overnight or even in a few months. Building a brand is definitely a process. However, the ongoing effort will result in establishing long-term relationships with your customers. This can lead to a steady increase in sales, more projects, word-of-mouth referrals, and advocacy for your products or services.

 Branding simply refers to the promise to deliver a specific set of features, benefits, services and experiences consistently to buyers but it entirely refers to the perceptions the customers have towards your brand which are majorly a result of your branding decisions. Many products of the same category like shoes, clothes, cars, schools and several business are out to serve their customers but the decision by a customer to choose your particular brand is all determined by your branding activities and brand decisions for your brand focused on the customer.

The strategies or decisions used also greatly determine what makes your brand stand out like the brand position should me in the minds of the targeted customers on the benefits of the product to them, their beliefs and values should be considered because violating their values will devalue your brand as well.

While doing your brand name selection, choose one that is easy to pronounce, recognize, and rememberdistinctive andextendable to other types of business in case there’s a need to expand the business and should be translated easily.

Branding of any kind be it personal, corporate, employer has to directly deal with the brand decisions taken by the owner of the brand. Prior understanding of the products in your business niche helps you determine the message that will make your brand better than for the competitors. That’s why you need to work with a creative branding agency that can help with your identity experience and building on your brand.

February 6, 2021

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