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Certificate in Digital Marketing for Business & Brands

The Offline Digital Marketing for Business & Brands course is a 3 months course is designed for marketers, business owners, sales people, artists and entrepreneurs. The course covers things like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and website design among other things. The Course is especially useful to individuals that are serving a tech aware audience and equips students with strategies and tactics to best enable them Acquire, Retain and Extend customer lifetime value of every business prospect in the Ugandan business environment.

Online, the course takes only 50 hours with the same course units.

Almost every business small, medium or even large enterprises are investing significant amount of their marketing budget in advertising digitally. Thus creating a huge demand of skilled digital marketers.
Our online Digital Marketing Course has been designed to meet the expanding needs of professional, who will be skilled in the utilization of a unique blend of technology, social media channels & business.

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