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Attend Special Offline Classes at Platos Institute

Our Offline Classes are limited to 3 students per course per intake. Express interest in the course and in case there is an opening, our officer will contact you.

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Digital Marketing Course at Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing

Certificate in Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing for Business & Brands course is a 3 months course is designed for marketers, business owners, sales people, artists and entrepreneurs. The course covers things like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and website design among other things. The Course is especially useful to individuals that are serving a tech aware audience and equips students with strategies and tactics to best enable them Acquire, Retain and Extend customer lifetime value of every business prospect in the Ugandan business environment.

Taught by practicing Digital marketers, the course is designed to enable students learn and apply concepts one by one during the three months period ensuring that each knows how to best apply and get results.

Certificate in Customer Service & Customer Care

The Customer Service Course is a 3 months course designed for individuals that are constantly dealing with customers to make sure they are satisfied. These include Receptionists, Customer Service and Customer Care personnel, Sales people, marketers, business owners, and artists among others. The course equips individuals with the knowledge, skills and tactics needed and used currently in the modern world to maintain Customer Satisfaction, hence retaining and cheaply acquiring customers.

Study Customer Service and Customer Care at Platos Institute of Arts and Marketing
Study Directing at Platos Institute of Arts and Marketing

Directing for Stage and Screen

Certificate in Directing for stage and screen is a 3 months course designed for individuals that are passionate about and interested in bringing stories to life either on stage or on screen. These are individuals that would love to learn the best practice in translating written word into screen and stage stories that other people will enjoy watching. The theories are taught but also how things work in Uganda is an area that is considered seriously and covered. Students finish the course after they produce a project which is either a stage play of short film.

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