"If you think your child's academic studies are more important than the arts, think again" Plato

The Gifted Kids at Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing

The Gifted Kids Acting Classes

If you have been looking for the best place for your child to do an extra activity and possibly acquire a new skill or improve the one already possessed, Platos is the place for you. At our acting classes, the emphasis is on learning drama through fun. There is no pressure, the environment is informal and the teaching both positive and inspiring. In the class, the children are not competitive but they are all having fun through drama and self-expression. Talents promotion, self confidence and public speaking are also very key in the Classes at Platos Institute.
The School is located in the heart of Kampala, Wandegeya on the 2nd floor of May Center Building right opposite Makerere University Eastern Gate.

Why these Acting Classes?

The  Acting Classes are exciting, innovative, fun and creative for the kids; designed and run by Theatre/Film performer and Director Arthur Kisenyi with his team of very talented, dedicated and well educated coaches. These classes are designed to offer learning and unique practicing opportunities for children 4-12 years.

The Classes are a skills development space for the children  but also a chance for their potential to be shown on TV and stage at the end of the study period. We enroll only 10 children in order to give attention to every child.

The institute is located in a very safe and secure location in Wandegeya with 24/7 camera surveillance, and at least 2 security guards. Our building also has secure front building a basement parking with 24/7 security.

Safe & Secure environment for Children to learn , socialize and play.

Some benefits of the Acting Classes

Self Confidence

Aspects of performing arts, especially improvisation, helps young people to understand how to appraise situations, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. Students learn to  trust their ideas and abilities. Confidence gained from learning performing arts skills applies to school, career, and life.


Being creative and learning to make creative choices helps students to be better at thinking of new ideas,  allowing them to view the world around them in new ways. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Communication Skills

It seems obvious to say that drama, theatre and the performing arts improves verbal and nonverbal communication, but it is worth stating that this benefits young people through their life. It improves vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech and expression. Importantly is also develops listening and observation skills.

Oba from the Sept 2019 Intake. Gifted Kids Acting Classes at Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing
Liz from the Gifted Kids Acting Classes Sept 2019 Intake at Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing
Jason from the Gifted Kids Acting Classes Sept 2019 Intake Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing

Don't be the reason your Child misses this great program

Our Teachers have more than 15 years combined experience of working with Children

Some of our teachers below.

Rebecca Nalubowa

Arthur Kisenyi

Joan Mbabazi Platos Institute of Arts & Marketing

Joana Mbabazi

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