Certificate in Customer Service & Customer Care

Customers keep buying from a business and dealing it because of particular employees they like. Every Employees goal is to make sure that they are the best at serving clients. It is therefore time to quit being like the rest and becoming the best at serving customers. With our formula, you will receive promotions, favor and salary increments. 100% guaranteed to work as all our past students attest to the results being super star performance.

Our Course takes only 50 hours which should be covered in utmost 3 months and it covers basic modules which includes an introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Branding, Math for business and Document writing in the workplace. Individual are expected to implement things they learn at their workplaces and report the effects.

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Benefits of our Customer Service Course

  1. Increased Revenue.
  2. Improved employee Self-Confidence & Motivation
  3. Increased Customer loyalty
  4. Enhanced Brand image
  5. Drop in employee turn over
  6. Increased customer Satisfaction
  7. Reduction of marketing costs
  8. Increased customer retention
  9. Increased Net Promoter Score

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